All A Woman Wants Lyrics – Lori McKenna


Song Details :

Artist: Lori McKenna
album: Numbered Doors (2014)


All A Woman Wants Lyrics

All a woman wants is to know that when you close your eyes
She’s the only one you want to be laying beside
All a woman wants is to hear you whisper something
That you never thought you’d whisper to anyone

She ain’t trying to be complicated
She just wants to take your breath away
She don’t want to be nobody’s Jesus
She don’t need you to need her that way

All a woman wants is for you to wish she was dripping in diamonds
But she don’t really need all those diamonds, she just wants you to feel that way
She don’t need magic, she don’t need miracles, no
She just wants you to be the best man she knows
The kind of man, man enough, man enough to show an undying true love

She don’t need her scene in the movie
Oh but let her feel, let her feel like a woman
Let her walk into a room and look up at you
And know that you know what she’s doing

So let her stop you in your tracks for a minute
Like the world just stop for a minute
And you forgot, you forgot you were even in it
Just while you were taking her in

And then all she’ll want is you
All she’ll want is you
All she’ll want is you
That’s all a woman wants