Bezubaan Phir Se (Reprise) Lyrics – ABCD 2 | Shraddha Kapoor, Neel Sharma


Song Details :

Singer: Shraddha Kapoor, Rap: Neel Sharma
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Mayur Puri (Rap: Neel Sharma)
Staring: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor
Music On: Zee Music Company



Bezubaan Phir Se (Reprise) Lyrics

Tuti hey ruthi hey
Haathon sey chhuti hey
Maanaa teri roshni
Gehraa andheraa hey do pal thehraa hey
Rang aasmaano kaa bhi
Aasaan raahon koh tuney liyaa kab hey
Jiddi saverey terey
Apney sey waadon key sau sau iraadon key
Dil main baserey terey


Woh joh keh paaye naa jubaan teri
Woh aankhen teri kardey bayaan
Paanv terey kahin rokey rukengey naa
Ho khood pey yakeen joh teraa..

Teri kahaani, teri jubaani
Sunegaa yeh saaraa jahaan

Bejubaan kabsey tuh rahaa
Begoonaah sehtaa qyun rahaa


Winning on this path
I don’t wanna feel no doubt
And when I am all alone
And I start thinking about
Suffering in silence
And the consequence I had
Now the only difference is the confidence I have
Should’ve started out this song saying
Nothing but bye to other cops
That try to hide from other lies that you lie


Woh ho.. khauwabon kaa tereu kissa hey
Teraa hak, tera hissaa hey
Tujhsey naa chheeney jahaan

Ho.. teri intehaan dekhegaa
Aaj aasmaan dekhegaa
Kyaa hey tera faislaa

Bejubaan kab sey tuh rahaa
Begoonaah sehta qyun rahaa (x2)

I don’t wanna not be livin’ cause what could happen
Who you tellin’ me to be something I can manage
Feelin’ like I’m ready after carrying all this baggage
It used to be challenge and it switch to an advantage
Toughened by the failure and now strengthened by victory
Feedin’ of the pain even though it’s contradictory
Misery is something that I see as a mystery
Periphery is empty and rest is move to history


Teri intehaan dekhegaa
Aaj aasmaan dekhegaa
Kyaa hey tera faislaa