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Artist: Kwesi Arthur 



Colours Lyrics

This is not real bro. We was, it was just yesterday we was rapping at a gas station my nigga. Like just yesterday now we at the BET, this is crazy. Nah this isn’t real like this is not real bro. It’s not real. We said one brick a day and they raised their hands like two thousand people na )mo ama w)mo nsa so this is not real bro

Arhn! Kwesi Arthur

At times I no dey like living
Nyame you dey like me
May3 ne3 m3y3 biara nso I don’t seem to be happy
Nkr)fo) pii se I be lucky cos everybody dey love me
But I dey fear see what them do Medikal, Pappy
Meb)) nk)m) with my daddy
Y3n ntumi nkasa for long
Menti afei wat) radio now he fit hear ma songs
Can’t believe say after all these years we no strengthen the bond
Mentumi mbusa n’afutuo mpo shit be wrong
Shouts to my mom )b) mpay3 for the boy
To the fans mo support na 3ma me joy
Boys dey give me heart emojis in my mentions
Fa wo gyimie s))h) I know you wan see me destroyed
Them go love see me for morgue than to see a brother win
)mo a na na w)n ma me face no see me now and just pretend
As you dey talk the things I tell you in secret 3te wo s3n
Me w) nkr)fo in my life I wish I no go see again
People I no go fit lose
Loyalty dey rule
Nti )mo busa me biribi p3 I no dey fit refuse
Wish I could tell them the truth
Wish I fit tell them the truth
If I no fit give you honest opinion what be my use

Kyer3 me wo colours
Make you no hide nothing from me ooh ooh
Show me your feelings
Make you no hide nothing from me ooh ooh
If you go talk make e pain me, talk make e pain me, talk make e pain me
But don’t you don’t hide nothing from me ooh ooh

Sao he dash me all the shaddas you dey see me in
Nti me yi me shirt ah, it’s just another way of bigging him
)mo too y3n pon mu so them shock say them dey see we in
Boy wani befra if you never wanna see me win
I see Kidi for CNN, be like BBC right
I see Promise wey I see say everything go be right
Obiara be be time, opana never envy mankind
And I just give my mommii money that’s how winning be like Hero
Chaley I’m the man of people
Squad dey throw me shade I throw them light so fuck the evil
No fit pay these verses so we give them out for free tho
I just wan remind you we’ll be bigger than the beatles
Settling for, what are we settling for
Wo bo me nn3 a be ever ready cos we’ll settle the score
Aim for the heavens so I go land on the sun if I fall
And everything we get be blessing this be nothing we thought
I dey envy the dead, I’m afraid of my ghost
Put my faith in my pen, pray e never go float
Sell out shows for Japan, hang on to every quote
We dey Carlo dey burn you niggas dey do the most.

Hero, man na the hero
Man of the people
Oh hero, oh he’s a hero
Oh hero yeah

Right and we’re going to leave you with something inspiring. A young person who has been nominated for BET awards, it’s one of the biggest ones in black entertainment, a dream for many artists and he’s living that dream. Meet Ghana’s Kwesi Arthur