Delicate Flowers Lyrics – Talib Kweli


Song Details :

Artist: Talib Kweli
Album: Prisoner of Conscious
Released: 2013
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap


Delicate Flowers Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
My girl is a delicate flower, a super-hero,
Being a single mom helped her develop the powers.
We stay up to a elegant hour talking the hell and the sour,
Reaching out to God cause the Devil a coward.
But he still sits on my shoulder and whispers
It feels like my shoulder gets colder the more that I listen.
And now it seems like she ready to leave
We stay to beef the main reason my desire to spreading my seed.
I try to tell her I’m just a man,
She said “no, you’re wrong, cause you’re way more than that, you need to cut the scheme.
You’re not fooling me, this lunacy. Them excuses might be new to the birds, but they ain’t new to me.”
Yo, I hate when the fit is proun, is like everytime I pick up the phone you bitch moan, whoa.
I’m like why you stressing for? Press to the norm, make me wanna never get involved.

I need to rip these benefits,
Uh, you so sensitive.
I say serve this rarity
She say I deserve your loyalty.
Girls have feelings.

[Verse 2:]
Men lie out of fear but we front like we’re not afraid,
Whether arguing or not, the bills gotta get paid.
We are not in 6th grade, we’re fighting and people watching
On Tweeter she emo-blogging, I’m boiling the hemoglobin.
And lead the side the arguments never move me
Cause we acting out the stereotypes like telly perry movies.
My indiscretion is reeking in deep betrayal,
The beat is on like horses, is hard to keep em stabile.
She believed me the way Mike believed in frydal
But I need her, she the proof in my soul, my sweet potato.
Before I let her go I know she’ll be forever gone,
I can’t leave when the weather roam or weather storms.
She like a tree, now got me looking for feema,
Cover in my neighbor’s lawn the grass is looking greener.
But in reality it never is,
I’m sure there’s others, but I’ll never find a better.

Girls have feelings,
Girls have feelings,
Girls have feelings,
They surely, surely do.