Gold Lyrics – Jamie Scott


Song Details :

Artist: Jamie Scott
Featured artist: Christina Perri
Album: My Hurricane
Released: 2015
Genre: Pop


Gold Lyrics

(feat. Christina Perri)

Bathed in crimson, got
Caught in blue and I
Chase this green for a
Heart unused but tonight,
Tonight I’m gold

Searched for purple through
Blue and red but as
We lay down on this
Lilac bed, oh tonight,
Tonight I’m gold
I’m gold

Colors fade but this
Night will stay in your
Arms I lay ’til the
Sun turns grey
Shades grow darker and
Wounds grow deeper when
Love comes closer and
Hearts get weaker

So she whispers in
To my ear but
Words unspoken are
All I hear, for tonight,
Tonight I’m gold

Roads seem longer and
Life gets harder when
Wires get crossed and the
Lines get broken
Fears get old, yeah my
Heart’s not wise but this
World seems smaller when
I’m beside her

Ooh, I’m gold
Ooh, I’m gold
‘Cause I’m gold
Oh, I’m gold
Tonight I’m gold