Gravestones And Burial Plots Lyrics – Transplants


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Artist: Transplants


Gravestones And Burial Plots Lyrics

Illuminati dropping bombs are not the ones who rule
Stealing and killing on the government floor
Extra open up and feeding where I go
Nobody gonna bring something at the poor
Corporations don’t play fair
Sufferance of the poor
Can’t speak to the intimidators
Confusion incriminators

Gravestones and burial plots
Break bones and bury a cop
Fight back and bury the lot
Fight back and bury the law

Take the ways and take control
You make the price and we pay the toll
We get close and we get burn
But no more, it’s their turn
Give ’em hell and give ’em some more
Everyone bringing politicians down to the floor
Spill blood and right at the door
And no one’s mouth-speak could ever even the score

Cold calculating, war to lead
Speculating, they got a speak
The word is strong when we hit the street
In a humanitarian catastrophe
Dealt to many thing to stop you
They’ll point at you and they will stung you
They’ll chew you and they won’t pray you
Don’t let them to fucking play you