High Steel And Memories Lyrics – Keith Whitley


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Artist: Keith Whitley


High Steel And Memories Lyrics

The boss man and the boys down at the job
Have been lettin’ me slide by
And this old hard hat that I’m wearin’
Can’t hide the tears falling from my eyes

While I’m hanging steel in Dallas
Forty floors above Park Avenue
From up here things look just toys
And I realize how much I meant to you

Well I might boom out to Denver
A city that’s already one mile high
But then I lie a lot about leaving
And the boys all know I’m not afraid to climb

So I’ll just stay here in Dallas
Chained to the place you set me free
Cause loving you’s forever
But having you’s a thing that just can’t be

Your memory climbs
High steel in the sky
These days I just don’t care
If I live or die

Well I just threw down a Winston
Watched it fall ’til it was out of sight
Then your memory hit me in the chest
And I wondered how it would feel to fly