I Been That Lyrics – Emiway x Dax


Song Details :

Song : I Been That
Artist : Dax, Emiway
Lyrics : Dax, Emiway Bantai
Music : Lex Nour

I Been That Lyrics

Let’s Start
My Name Is Dax, Ready

I Crossed Seas To The
Check The Temperature
Found Myself India
Hollywood To Bollywood
With Bars From Nigeria

Inspected The Criteria
Realized Foreign Ties Are Great
If Not More Superior

I Been That
Fuck That Shit Dax Is Going Global
I Eint Neva Been The Type To Say
I Told You But I Told You
Ya I Told You

That I Would Graduate From Local And
Evolve Into Ceo Millionaire Mogul

Took Time, Crossed T’s
Dottedi’s Realized Real Eyes
Recognized Real Guys
Stopped Wasting Time
Took A Flight Overseas Got To Work
And Started Building Foreign Ties

Ye Nigga I Been That
Studios At Best I Wasn’t First Inside
My Class But I Was First To Get Ahead
Told My Teacher
I Was Dropping Out Of Math Cuz

I Didn’t Need A Dumb Equation
Just To Teach Me How To Calculate Success
Algebraically Though I Been A Factor
Multiplied My Capacity From Slave Into Master
Multiplied My Capacity From Poet Into Rapper
Stopped Asking Niggas Questions
Started Giving Niggas Answers

That’s The Truth
This Is Calculated Murder
When I Step Inside The Booth
Premeditated Murder How
I’m Serving Niggas Truth

This Is Elevated Thinking
How I Educated The Youth Tell A Nigga
Read A Book Instead Of Sitting In A School
Ye I Been That
The Prerequisite, Adjective, Synonym
Verb Predicate, Bachelorette
Had To Talk To God 10 Times
Before I Mastered It
Licensed It, Trademarked
Fucked Around And Patented It

I Been That
Ye Nigga I Been That
Swear To God On Gawd Mufuka Ye Ye
You Know I Been That
Ye Nigga I Been That
Its Dax

Nahee Maloom Hii Toh Soon!

Haa Mein Wahaa Thaa
Jab Views Merey 2 They
Haa Mein Wahee Thaa
Sunaney Waley 100 They
Haa Mein Wahaa Thaa Jab Logo
Ney Kahaa Kii Teree Bolee Nayee Chalegaa Lekeen
Aaj Dekho zaam Huye
Aye Chotey Dhyaan Dey Rey Flow Pey
Apney Ganey Pey Nachey Bollywood Key Potey
Maje Leley Lalaa Ajaa Merey Show Pey
Kill Karun Beat Pey Jab Miltey Mujhe Maukey

Merey Ganey Merey Aasu Koh Pochey
Underground Yahaa Tak Pahchegaa
Kyaa Kabhee Tum Sochey?
Independent Scene Baat Kam Shot Zaadaa
Door Karney Aya Hoo Mein Drame Aur Lochey

Yeh Rapper Atkeley Hey Bech Main Hii
Inkaa Organic Reach Nayee

Agar Edey Chaley Karegaa
Kahin Pey Mere Barey Mein Toh
Terey Koh Milegaa Merey Jaisaa Koyee Neech Nahee

Out Of Reach Pey Haa Beach Pey Hoo Mein
Upar Waley Key Diye Umar Kii Lease Pey Hoo Mein
Chakkey Marney Key Liye Khadelaa Crease Pey Hoo Mein
Daud Laganey Key Liye Tayaar Knees Pey Hoo Mein
Increase Pey Hoo Mein, Decrease Pey Hey Too
Khudko Kam Dena Jantaa Hoo Please Bolu

Kisi Koh Bhee Kissie Wissie Ley Rahaa
Maze Mein Hoo Busy Busy
Pehley Easy Nayee Thaa Kuch Bhee
Lekeen Take It Easy
Kisi Kisi Sey Sunaa Key
Aisey Nayee Chalegaa Kaam Teraa
Zippy Sabkey Moonh Pey Zip Lagayaa Kaam Meraa
Recipe Janna Chahtey Hey Pehley
Come And Mess With Me
Inkey Ganey Lagtey Jaisey Bol Rahaa Ho Mr.Bean
Go Rest In Peace

Kyun Karun Mein Jo Too Karey Mein Karun
Woh Jo Naa Karey Terey Sarey Pantar
Teraa Toh Chod Meraa Game Change Marungaa Hunter
Jaungaa Bankar Hero Bero Pey Chupakey Rakhaa Hey
Tereko Therapy Milegee Ganaa Sunegaa Toh

Inhey Nahee Pataa Kitnaa Saraa Mehnat Lagtaa Hey
Beta Ekk Ganaa Bananey Koh
Item Koh Nayee Aata Khanaa Bananey Koh
Rapper Koh Nayee Aata Ganaa Bananey Koh
Mein Bhee Ekk Rapper Hoo Sunnaa Chahtey
Pareshaniyaa Meree Toh Janey Do

I Been That
Yeh Niga I Been That
Swear To God On Gawd Mufuka Ye Ye You Know
I Been That
Yeh Niga I Been That

Its Dax
Nahee Maloom Hey Toh Soon!