I Need That Lyrics – Lil Reese


Song Details :

Artist: Lil Reese
Album: Supa Savage
Released: 2013
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap


I Need That Lyrics

I heard he holdin’, on the low.. I need that
He say he out here in the field then show me that
Man these niggas not forreal man, I’m knowin’ that
And watch my set I’m from the Lam go nuts, and watch they fall back
Niggas ain’t never did shit for me, lil quarter, none of that
Now how the fuck do you expect for me to look out for em’ back
Put 300 on my back, I’m a runningback
Now how the fuck do you expect for me to look out for em’ back

[Verse 1:]
Doing me that’s where it’s at, no sneak dissin’ none of that
At the top that’s where we at, yall beneath us that’s where yall at
Old niggas talking bout them old racks but where they at?
And if he holding old racks we running in, now where they at?
Same hood same niggas, this where we at
Look out for my family man, fuck the rest
And if you with me then you with me man, fuck the rest
Head shots when we aiming man, fuck a vest


[Verse 2:]
In the streets I got my heat, man I’m on that can’t tell me shit
I been gettin’ money and niggas hatin, that shit don’t make sence
I’ll drop a nigga hit a stain or two, run that I need this
And this my life, I don’t give a fuck about no diss
And you better stay your distance cause we packin’ with that shit
I’m ballin hard like K.D. fourth quarter I can’t miss
Young nigga and I’m on my own, niggas ain’t did shit
They hatin’ they sneak dissin’, most do it over a bitch
And you better not give me one shot, I promise you I ain’t gon’ miss
My niggas with me them my niggas, ain’t no new shit
We shootin’ shit extended clip, take you to movist
And it’s 300 fuck the opps, this is the movement