Judo Chop Freestyle Lyrics – RiFF RAFF


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Artist: RiFF RAFF


Judo Chop Freestyle Lyrics

Watch me tip toe on my way to the top,
Mozart pose by my Lamborghini drop top,
Seven cell phones, can’t remember my last name,
Mothafuck a bill, my whole life is auto-pay,
I can ride gray in the thunderstorm Benz,
Hashi Tashi TV screen, I can hang on the rim,
Should of been a hooper, shot more jump shots than Cupid,
Should I monster truck or should I candy Coop it,
Butterscotch skin while she tells me I’m famous,
Would answer your call but I don’t owe you no favors,
Thirty one flavors like Baskin Robbins,
My new haircut and my bangs I judo chopped them,
Jody three moons with the black light poster,
I put on 50 pounds like that damn Sammy Sosa,
I can Mark Mcguire, I can not expire,
Give me 50 mill, I might think about retire,
All I ever wanted was to buy Versace islands,
Candy coat the jet with two naked lady pilots,
Can’t see my diamonds, ‘Sace shades cover my eyelids,
Macarena diamonds, diamonds dancin’ like Usher
Squad’s out in Sweden bench-pressing out in Russia