Life-Sized Lyrics – Howie Day


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Artist: Howie Day 


Life-Sized Lyrics

We are life sized
On the skyline
Just too big to hide
Birds of paradise
When I’m outside
Walking in time
With you by my side
I could die, I could die
Oh, I could die

Never satisfied
Never living in the moment
Say you never mind
Spoken like a true incumbant
Call me what you like
While you meditate
Mind will never change
Either way, either way
Oh, either way

Time has come undone
Find out you’re the one
Time has come undone

I live outside
I’m on a stream lined
Row of land mines
Caught me offline
Be my luminol
On a phone call
When it’s late
And I’m stranded

All I want is to see you again
All along, you be my friend
Longest time you’ve been alone
All along, let it go
Longest time you’ve been alone
And all along, let it go