Literal Dead Island Riptide Trailer Lyrics – Toby Turner


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Artist: Toby Turner  


Literal Dead Island Riptide Trailer Lyrics

Space logo in the rough
Add polish to reveal…
Deep Silver.
Heartbeat, then pause for too long.
Techland’s jealous of their screen time.

Darkness, acoustic guitar.
They’re out so far away from home
But they have each other,
A tiny guitar, and a cameraman
Whose not afraid to take a risk
To get the shot he wants!

At least the ominous horizon’s behind them.
They must have turned around.
They won’t forget this moment.
‘Cause they’ll only be alive for a couple more.
He offers up his tear absorbent thumb.
Can this moment last forever?
No. Of course not.

“Girl, I wanna ask you something…
Even with all these people watching…
Will you maybe hold my lighter?”
“F*#% YOU!”
“What? Oh you thought that…
Oh my God! No! Sorry!”
“It’s cool, I’ll just blow you…”
“Oh yeah.”
“Oh you thought that…
Oh my God! No! Sorry!”

Pan up to an angry window-shopping zombie.
He’s at the front of the line.
Store’s open, he let the breeze in.
Could you warm it up?
The undead get rather cold.
Why don’t we demonstrate our handheld heaters?
Cut to Black Friday shoppers are the worst
When demand exceeds supply, so usually,
When there’s a fire sale…
It’s a pun.
At least there was only one…
Look on the bright side!
There’s another one…
Dead Island: Riptide…