Love Alone Lyrics – Odessa


Song Details :

Artist: Odessa
Album: Odessa
Released: 2015
Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Love Alone Lyrics

Nobody likes to be alone
when you fall down and life gets hard
Oh but it’s easier to be alone
To know love and feel it gone

Mmm, mmm

All my friends have been telling me
Telling me that you’re no good
And babe I’m starting to believe
Cause the more I love, the more you leave me alone

Mmm, mmm

I’ve been waiting all my life
For somebody to rescue me
Oh but this path that I choose to take
is walked alone more easily
Do I keep on moving on?
Giving up and letting go of love?

Mmm, mmm, mmm

Now love is a simple thing
Or when it’s right it should be
Oh but I have yet to find
the real thing, the simple kind
I just keep on singing my song, dreaming my dreams and walking alone
Until the right one comes, who can sing along
Can sing along
Who can sing along to my song
Who can sing along


Nobody likes to be alone
When you fall down and life gets hard