Message To Harry Manback II Lyrics – Tool


Song Details :

Artist: Tool
Album: Salival
Released: 2000
Genre: Progressive metal


Message To Harry Manback II Lyrics

Stronzo [1], stronzo di merda [2]
I’m trying to take a nap but
I couldn’t sleep overnight because of you
Ugh, you really hurted me,
Ohhhh you really hurt me
When I was high,
You called me an asshole?
Talk to me fai schifo [3]
Pezzo di merda [4]
Have you ever been trying to take a nap?
My heart beats too fast
Because I’m thinking of your fucking ugly face
Youyou suck
Fai schifo [3]
Pezzo di merda [4]
Fai proprio schifo [5]
Vafanculo [6], ah
Stronzo bastardo [7].

[1] – Piece of shit / asshole (as in a person who isn’t very nice)
[2] – Shit of shit / asshole of shit
[3] – You are disgusting
[4] – Piece of shit
[5] – You’re really disgusting!
[6] – Go take it in the ass
[7] – Bastard piece of shit / Bastard asshole