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Artist: Bizzle 


No Hate Lyrics

Tell me why they all hatin on me
Cause it’s God Over Money and my whole team
I’m banged out like my shoe is my OG
And I don’t really know why they be low key
Logo on my chest like what it do
We ’em followers of Christ homie what are you
And if you not one we can still kick it but I might preach to you I’m just being real with it
Christ say’s you gotta love ’em when they front too
Your love measures by the hate you can love through
And if Christ at the cross for the same ones who put him there
Died for his killers he can love you
He the boss I be on my J.O. the way I do God I’m aiming at my halo
The truth hurt but it do work
Until you met him you can never know your true worth
I keep it 100 and some of y’all love it
And some of y’all don’t but I ain’t finna change nothing
GO well we going keep it comin’ and if it’s hatin’ you the only one that does it

Homie you can hate me but you ain’t gettin no hate back you get no hate back [x2]
Cause all the hatin in the world won’t make me a hater (hater [x4][x3]
Cause all the hatin in the world won’t make me a hater