Red Water Dreams Lyrics – Aviators


Song Details :

Artist: Aviators
Album: Godhunter
Released: 2019
Genre: Alternative/Indie


Red Water Dreams Lyrics

Take me to the water
Where the river meets the sea
Let the memory of rising tide
Come washing over me
I saw fire consume the trusting
With the victims still naive
And so they bleed
And so they bleed
Take me to the tower
Where false gods reside in peace
Let them wither from the inside
Watch their adoration cease
Now with no more heroes left
To cull the chaff among the streets
The gates release
The gates release

Sing in grief, a requiem
The curse of our millennium
These souls keep whispering from the river beds
An end to all these violent means
Alive in these red water dreams
Their haunted burdens stirring in my head
On streets still running red

Vicious thoughts are stirring
And I hunger for their power
Just to taste the opportunity
To watch the elders cower
When the waters fall below the ruins
They’ll see their final hour
But rain still showers
The rain still showers
Take me as the vessel
To infect the whole charade
I’ve come much too far to accept
This society they’ve made
In the corner of the wasteland
Under storms of acid rain
The last remain
The last remain

Most went in the flood
A few were martyred by the flames
Yet those who unleashed the waters
Are still guilty all the same
When the ignorance of puppets
Serves the master’s larger game
They let it rain
They let it rain
When I gain the chance to rise
I’ll find the light in their cold eyes
Or lose myself and carry out revenge
The righteous hunt has just begun
The dimming of the bleeding sun
Will let these waters run clear once again