Runnin’ Wild Lyrics – Brenton Wood


Song Details :

Artist: Brenton Wood
album: Oogum Boogum (1967)


Runnin’ Wild Lyrics

Not long ago, I got to wondering about all the trouble I had been gettin’ in since I was a child.
And I finally figured it out, I brought it all on myself.
Drinkin’ hard liquor at the age of ten.
Chasing wild women since I don’t know when.
Rollin’ them dice at the age of eleven.
I didn’t care much about going to heaven.
I ran right straight to where the action was child, just runnin’ wild.
I ran away from home when I reached fourteen.
I had to go and see, what I had not seen.
I didn’t know the reason I was here on earth.
And I didn’t even know what my life was worth.
But I bet I thought I knew what was happening child, just runnin’ wild.
I learned a thing or two as the years went by.
I learned not to rob, cheat, steal, or lie.
If I’d a known then everything I know now.
I wouldn’t have done what I did. No how.
There was only one thing that was wrong with me child, that’s runnin’ wild.
Listen to the now, and listen real good.
You better do everything good, you should.
You can’t get away with nothing, no how.
If ya headin’ for trouble, you better stop right now.
Runnin’ wild. Baby runnin’ wild. Just runnin’ wild.