Signs Lyrics – Demun Jones


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Artist: Demun Jones


Signs Lyrics


[Demun Jones:]
Eat, sleep, rock shows, reachin’ for the top, so close
I can see it with my eyes closed
Travelin’ the long road, rollin’ only God knows
When I get there, I hope He tells me

Just keep on showin’ me those street signs
As long as I can see them I’ma be fine

[Struggle Jennings:]
Uh, days gettin’ blurry, many nights forgotten
Devil on my heels, police keep knockin’
They tellin’ me to keep on rockin’ just follow signs
But they filled with bullet holes and covered in vines
Roads less traveled is the ones that lead to heaven
Countin’ all my blessings, six shells, 357
Uh, no rest and I’m investin’ all my time into the grind
Sometimes I lose my way and close my eyes to find
Some kind of peace in these streets, signs read deceased
Can’t feast on the past, gotta eat what’s in my path
I’m not blind with these blinders on, just see what’s ahead of me
No fear of my enemies, I’m only scared of me

[Demun Jones:]
I drove through the hardest rain, tornado alley
With the trees swayin’ eighty miles an hour winds God sayin’
“Boy you better be glad you been prayin’
And I’ve been payin’ attention to every you sayin’
And then your friends and family they been foldin’ hands
I even got a lot of prayers from devoted fans
So I covered you with grace and spent you again
Like when you was in the blizzard back in 2010
Ice and fog on the mountain and you was drivin’ blind
The next reflector on the road was all that you could find
But even then you kept it rollin’ one inch at a time
And that there’s the kind of faith that can heal the blind
So boy you better pay attention when I give you signs
Now pick up the pace and show ’em all you got the spine
It’s blasphemous not to use the tools that I designed”

Just keep on showin’ me those street signs
As long as I can see them I’m gonna be fine