Song Of The Sun Lyrics – Los Lobos


Song Details :

Artist: Los Lobos
Album: Gates of Gold
Released: 2015


Song Of The Sun Lyrics

In the beginning there was the sun
And it did shine on me
Showed me the way down the road
Along the twists and turns
Through the alleys and through streets
When I couldn’t feel the dirt beneath my feet

Then there came the wind
And it did blow dust on me
Made it hard for my eyes to clearly see
Couldn’t wash them with my tears
Couldn’t see in front of me
Couldn’t feel my way through the dark

When fire came to be
And it felt so hot on me
Then burned the flesh of men from their bones
And left their souls to wander
To stagger in a daze
Along the bent and broken of the earth

Water was last to come
And it did rain on me
It cooled my broke and bitter heart
It poured down from my face
It ran down to my legs
And soothed me deep into my soul