Sorry Lil’ Mama Lyrics – Lil’ Flip


Song Details :

Artist: Lil’ Flip
Featured artists: Z-Ro, Nutt
album: I Need Mine $$ (2007)


Sorry Lil’ Mama Lyrics

(feat. Z-Ro, Nutt)

[Chorus: Z-Ro]
Sorry lil’mama I gotta go
not tryna hit and run ya, but I got another show
it’s already check out time-plus my plane leaves at fo’
give me them digits and a later date I’ll fuck with you some mo’
mean while rollin on chrome, every lil’mama I run into wanna take me home
tryna give ’em all a fair share because they all want this bone
so don’t get mad at me if my cell phone is on roam
I’m just tryna get some dome

[Verse 1 – Lil’ Flip]
YEA Now if you rollin with me come now
I’m a gangsta I’ll never put my gun down
I can’t drive girl cause I’m high
I see ya belly ring, plus you gotta butterfly
twenty eights when I roll out
ten clear coats on my gold drop
what’s yo name, where you from girl
gotta presidental suite, you can come girl
I got Cris’by the case load
what the hell ya baby daddy in my face fo’
now I’m reachin for my waist so
we got chicks in every state, WOAH


[Verse 2 – P-Nutt]
HUH the whip paid fo’, she starin at my watch
I’m like what you in my face fo'(uhh)
she heard of rider gang, she wanna ride a gangsta
ride with a gangsta, I’m a type of gangsta
it ain’t bout the fame she just diggin my nature
it ain’t bout the change, she said want the paper
I’m feelin ya style and ya classy ways
I want my child in ya stomach but not havin my baby
anyway I’m a one night stand man
and after this night I’m a dump you like a trash can
like I set you on fire I can put you out
I was ya gas can and I can be ya water spout


[Verse 3 – Z-Ro]
YEA I gotta Sprint, and a T Mobile, and a Nextel phone
and all three of ’em ringin, from bad ass bitches that wanna bone
take one or two calls, take one to the telly, and take one home
cuttin corners barely missin the curb-tryin not to break her bone
I’m sittin on choppa eighty-threes, and fresh ass meat
a nigga tryed to jack me for ’em so I opened up his chest last week
I’m rude as a mothafucker but I get nice when I recieve head
might fall off for a minute but I get back right when I recieve bread
talk up on somethin short and thick-go straight to the bed with it
but on the low low, cause someones always watchin like a fed visit
crucify the coochie then cut a couple of corners
cruisin with me in the Bentley soon as I borrow ya…