Special Someone Lyrics – The Marshall Tucker Band


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Artist: The Marshall Tucker Band 


Special Someone Lyrics

I said now, how many times, have you wondered
If that special someone was ever, comin’ along
Would the minute that you say, fill my hands
Like your gone a new song, like your gone a new song

She was like Colorado, in the mornin’
Tennessee, in the late, afternoon
She was like Carolina, in the evenin’
Underneath that Smokey, Smokey Mountain moon

You know, it’s been, quite some time
Since I walked around with such a, happy smile
But the minute that I held you, in my arms
I look forward to every day, knowing that I can say


You know before her, my life, didn’t seem like much
There wasn’t, any ups, only downs
I know it’s hard for you to leave that woman to do
All of that good once my life was upside down
She turned all that around

[Chorus x2]

She’s Carolina, Tennessee, she’s Carolina for me