Still Going In Lyrics – Rich Homie Quan


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Artist: Rich Homie Quan 


Still Going In Lyrics

Yeah, aye, aye

[Verse 1:]
I said they heard that I’m a boss, I gotta motherfucking prove it
Freezer full a niggas, she like “Quan, you the coolest”
Bitch, you watching me like a motherfucking movie
I got four hoes a piece in the pool and my jacuzzi, toothless
Cuz I’m spitting like a motherfucking infant, ruthless
Top gone and I’m ridin’ on skinnies, Coupes
Her top gone and she hidin’ behind the tinted, dueces
To them fuck niggas who never thought I wouldn’t be shit
On some G shit, MOB shit, that Louie V on me
And I keep it like a free bitch, that Glock 40 on me (not you niggas)
And I’m back off in the kitchen, you don’t know about it
The crack having itching, just like poison ivy
I got GPS bullets that will go and find him
Name a nigga better than me, I’m a go and sign him
All my niggas eye to eye, never go behind him
Tell yo ho remind him, chop and screw rewind him

[Verse 2:]
Okay now, since it’s hard to find me, binoculars see me farther
In trap like a spider, my name should be Peter Parker
Blowing that Mary Jane while popping them green goblins
Dora hanging off the hinges from keeping them fiends knocking
I got ounces in my jean pocket, thats how we rocking
With a check like Nike I could never Rebok it
If Nard ain’t got no more 82, he gone have to ship it
Geometric numbers call me the math mathematician
I’m a add it, then subtract it, move the pack in the fastest
Stretch it backwards, like elastic, dramatic
Money covo I can hear a hater
Did I forget the baking soda in the refrigerator

[Hook: x2]
I’m still going in on these nigga’s asses [x2]
I refuse to grab a pen on these nigga’s asses
I got the torch now and I don’t know if I’m a pass it