Super Flip Lyrics – Lil’ Flip


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Artist: Lil’ Flip 


Super Flip Lyrics

Heated up for three minutes now we ship it to spain
Lil flip on southwest airlines gripppin the grain
I’m the pot I could get good or violent
Got a gun when it go “pow” it’s sighlent
These niggz be outta line I’m a pust they nose
Fuck they hoes
You know I never trust they hoes
I duck these hoes
Nine nine crush these goals
Now my family livin just like the hugstables
Shit I used to eat at shool
I had to sell bricks nigga we used to meet at school
Leave the school
Cook it up come back fast
Lil flip jumpin out one black jag
Got my tag
Jumpin out with a du rang
They say “lil flip you got that million dallar nigga is you mad?”
I ain’t mad cause I’m sellin
These niggaz ain’t sellin
I been ballin outta control
Nigga bitch I been smellin been spellin
Smellin like voshachi
It’s miakiki me an will I am off that boney
An there ain’t a paparatzi that could follow me
You say you the freestyle king but they hollan me
Nigga I’m a rap untill is poverty
Probably I hit the bill board for a month
Smoke a blunt
I been rappin ever since dug pun
I ride candy red I get head
He said I speed I said I sped
Don’t give a damn got a parter that’s from homested
Runs c can’t forget the swisha house
When u mention rap you can’t for get the south
From the dirty dirty
With a plantnum fugo jersey
Nigga will I am man take the mic
Man a nigga thirsty(hha)
They call me cutie pie
I’m steppin out in the ug tie
You fuck a hoe in the ass we call you dookie pie
Bad gets princes cuts
You know I’m pimpin sluts
Suv tintin trucks
Baby gets some emrol cuts
Rolex moet christal zippa
Look in the sky youill see the big dippa
Lil flip is south side representin my side
Sittin on bug high call boney an clide
Hit lips flip bricks always ball in the mix
Got a drop top six with more candy than tix
I never ever snitch cause I (too real)
Jumpin out the escalade with my (blue grill)
Iced out lookin good feelin like a pimp
Jumpin out ice bergs saggin walkin with a limp