Tatler Magazine Lyrics – The Struts


Song Details :

Artist: The Struts
Album: Young & Dangerous
Released: 2018
Genre: Rock


Tatler Magazine Lyrics

Everyday’s the same
I’ll go to work then back again
I’ll flick through the pages
Oh, to be rich and be shameless
When I close my eyes on inside
I play out every word I read
Some people stay concern with how they’re living
Well I want more

I wanna be in a Tatler magazine
It’s been my ambition and dream
Since I was about 17
And one day my luck’s gonna change
When I’m featured double page
Living life rich, young and free
Inside a Tatler magazine

You see me going forth with my labradoodle
Living with a higher success society
Sipping on tea, I’ll dress in satin, all-white
Oh it’s good to be me

I’ll fly privately
Bon voyage economy
Exploring first world fantasy
No need to wake up before 3
If you on me
Oh, I’ve got what it takes
To get a beautiful face and more
Whizzing all over the place
On your marks, set, go!

Someday I’ll be there
Country weekends, Nobel fairs
I may not have that family tree
But I’ll be damned if I do not succeed
Cause one day everyone will know
I’m the star of my own show
Living life in luxury
Inside a Tatler magazine

I want to be inside a Tatler
Life’s a little bit sweeter
In a Tatler magazine
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh