Usually Lyrics – Skate


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Artist: Skate


Usually Lyrics

Yeah, look, look
Usually I be smoking dope oh with some bad bitches
Usually all my brothers lit up with some sad bitches
Usually I pop xanax and go to work
Shit, usually I’m fucking turnt

In LA here to stay
Usually I’m getting bank
Usually I fuck with shawty if she puffing on the dank
Usually I keep a goupie on me just for me smoke
Hold on a let me think about this shit,
Usually you don’t, aye

Usually, usually, usually, usually, ah [x4]
Ah, usually

Look, usually, you’s a freak
Usually you come to me, when yous in need
Usually I’m at the crib or in the booth
Usually I never lie, I tell the truth
Usually I kick it with my fans and we get high
Usually I fuck up on a bitch and tell her bye
Usually I like to mix the Henny’ with the Coke
Usually I walk in any place and I’m gon smoke

Yeah, yeah

Usually they gon hate (hate)
Usually I don’t care (care)
Usually they gon flake (flake)
Usually they ain’t rare (rare)
Usually I’m on one (one)
Usually I’m on four (four)
Usually I’m so throwed (throwed)
Usually I’m so throwed

Usually, usually, usually, usually, ah [x4]
Ah, usually