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Artist: Homesafe  


Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams Lyrics

Hey. I’d like to say I want to get fucked up and die with you
Yeah, that pretty face – I fell apart as you walked in the room
So hey, let’s ditch this place
The empty bottles won’t set the proper mood for you and me
And vibe- I’m thinking more your eyes through candlelight

So now I sing “All around me I can feel this fucking groove
Any place without you is now irrelevant too”

The Windy City’s air, it makes me weak
You try so hard to pretend that you don’t feel a thing
‘Cause I feel this aura here between us and city streets
There’s a change in me that I just can’t ignore

Endorphins don’t have much against the energy
Vanilla-scented laser beams through you and me
I can’t compete against the universe’s schemes
I’m in a daze of shades of pink

I can’t believe I got got
You know you got me right here, right now
And I’ll go if you will have me
So we can be alone for maybe a second and feel this out
Cause I know, you know, we both know that I won’t make the first move
No, I can’t because I’m out of fucking moves
I just want to lay in bed with you and never move again
That’s all I wanna do, it’s something overdue

The way your auburn hair falls from your cheek
I try so hard to present that it doesn’t phase me
I’m gone for now but I’ll be home in a couple weeks
One-thousand miles away, will you wait for me?