We Are Ready Lyrics – Sparkle


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Artist: Sparkle


We Are Ready Lyrics

Oh oh oh oh oh oh…

They have tried to silence us
Strip away the power from us
Said that we were weak
Long enough but, time is up
We ain’t weak (no no no)
We have a voice and it’s loud (loud)
No, we ain’t just figure it out (out)
When we come together we win
We’ve overcome battles before
We’ll do it again (again… oh oh oh oh)
And it’s never been, an easy win

We are ready (if you didn’t know)
We are Ready (now you know… it)
Oh… We Are Ready (oh-oh, oh-oh)
We ain’t goin’ nowhere
We’ll be right here
Ready, ready… yea yea

Ladies can you say it for me one time
We sick and tired of the mess
Sick and tired of the disrespect
Ya know, we deserve the best
We have daughters that we fight for
Ooh, I can feel my help
And we ain’t lettin’ nobody else
Handle them like they’re worthless
(Oh oh oh, talk to ’em)
Every tear that we cry (cry)
Every bruise that we hide (hide)
There’s too many hurtin’ inside (side…)
There’s too many hurtin’ inside (oh…)
And we will not suffer in silence (oh…)
And you will not find a way out (oh…)
Your status won’t keep you safe (oh…)
It’s a brand new day

We are ready (been goin’ on too long)
We are ready (and we’ve had about enough)
Oh… we are ready (won’t be silent no more)
We ain’t goin’ nowhere
We’ll be right here…

Don’t give up

Ya know…
I was thinkin’ back to a time
Before it was a Me Too
It was just… Me
But on this crazy obstacle course I’ve been on
I mean… now more than ever
I’m ready

We are ready (if you didn’t know)
We are ready (it’s worth fightin’ for yea)
We are ready (yea…)
We ain’t goin’ nowhere
We gon’ be right here
We are ready… Yea (yes we are)
We are ready (waited long enough)
We are ready (Ooh…)
I ain’t goin’ nowhere
I’ma be right here
I am… I am…
We are… We are…