Weak People Lyrics – CyHi The Prynce


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Artist: CyHi The Prynce
mixtape: BHP 2: NAACP (New Artists Aligning Cultural People) (2015)


Weak People Lyrics

[Intro – Rev. James David Manning:]
I think often times when people hear me and see me they think that I am a fool. They think that somehow or another that I’ve lost my mind. That I am not down with the in-crowd. They’ve said that nobody would love me that I am an outcast, but let me say this hear now we can be clear about anything please let me be clear about this. I pray that it is received and understood. I don’t want to be one of you, I don’t want to be one of you weak men weak people. I would rather die, death is welcomed, rather then to call myself you spineless black men
(This for my brother, Kendrick Lamar)

[Verse 1 – Cyhi:]
Yeah CyHi, I ain’t your traditional, rapper smokin’ medicinal
Stayed in detention, life is all about principals
Cynical ass niggas, sorry that I offended you
I bring something different while niggas sounding identical
I’d rather drown in a swimming pool then to let you imbeciles stop me from topping my pinnacle
Try me Glock by the genitals
Trust me it’s not intentional it’s a difference between a gangster and a criminal
Cause real gansters can’t do breakfast club interviews
A lot of you niggas don’t own a business suits but slave for every Michael Jordan tennis shoes
But any who got your bitch walking around like she Winnie Pooh
With no bottoms on just the top of her swimming suit
What you gonna say when them niggas gonna try get at you
Them and what army or are you just talking in general?
Cause in the end we all going to die like them Seminoles nigga

These niggas weak
I’m fucking up these niggas week
These niggas weak
I’m fucking up these niggas week

[Interlude – Rev. James David Manning:]
I look at the sorry state of black men in America today, the destruction of the family, the lost of integrate. When as a young boy black shot down everyday for years without stopping When I look at what we are as black people I’d rather be dead then to continue to live against such injustice

[Verse 2 – Cyhi:]
Ya’ll ain’t trying to start a revolution, ya’ll looking for a restitution
Niggas kill each other every day and ain’t no evolution
My partner shot a 100 niggas and it was never proven
We just labeled him a gangster and kept it moving
Let me give you the same outcome, separate shooting
A white man kill a black we holla persecution
So instead of lootin’ it’s time to find some better schoolin’
You can act like ya’ll don’t understand what I’m elocuting’
Did I st-st-stutter, I was never Ruben
Y’all ain’t no Black Panthers, you wasn’t there with Newton
You ain’t marched with Martin tryin’ to better humans
Instead of all these rappers we need some better students
It’s time to rebuild the neighborhoods that we help to ruin
And the NAACP y’all need some help recruiting
Fuck a resolution, let’s get some retribution
I feel like Malcolm X when he left the movement


Yea y’all know what it is, yea I said it nigga
All you niggas laying up with these bitches with no condoms and shit
Having mistake babies and shit, leaving these women to motherfucking raise you kids by they motherfucking self
Yea my nigga I said it
You don’t like what’s going on in motherfucking America leave this motherfucker
When they said we were free my nigga that mean we were free to go back where the fuck we came from my nigga
Yea there’s a whole motherfucking continent that belong to us nigga
It’s called Africa motherfucker, what the fuck is y’all talking about?
Y’all aren’t trying to start no revolution
Y’all motherfucking spent ten bands on the motherfucking section in the motherfucking club
Tens bands build a motherfucking home in a motherfucking neighborhood in Nigeria, Nigga/Niger?
Get the fuck out of here