Where My Money Lyrics – Travis Porter


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Artist: Travis Porter


Where My Money Lyrics

(feat. Machine Gun Kelly)

Hands in the airrr where my money at better pull it out yo pockey nigga where my money jackk (where it’s at) you owe me 50 need a hunnit back I do inches you think I’m a dummy jack

Girls go down but my money go up I’m nineteen but my money grown up why u so wet hold up what you mean I got stupid dough this is what I call I got guala but I need every dollar where my money at bitch don’t make me holla I know tosha got my money on time and if she don’t then tonya better bring her ass back cause what I want is my nickels that she owe I’m just picky bout my money I need guala every single day don’t think that shit funny cause them goons gon searchin for yo head than get yo ass up better pull my money I need my cash bruh


Okay where my money at bitch I need my money jack tried to give me 5’s and 10’s nigga where the hunnits at oh you ain’t got hunnits jack thank you come again well you can’t get yo money back and since you owe me a sack I’m a need 2 if u can’t come up with that then I’m a need you and when we step up on the scene you already know we mean guys all about them green guys (yep)


Where my money I need I need I need cash where my money I need I need I need that where my money so u better answer all my phone calls b4 I come ova and knock yo fuckin jaws where my money my momma had to send a money order and I’m sorry for spendin yo money last night on the quarter don’t hit me I’m sorry it goes back in 140 and for u niggas who owe money this is what I tell ya’ll


Uh, kells. Bitch I’m on my money shit, let me know when you see it fold up, 20 muthafuckas in the back all black whatchu hatas gonna do when you see me roll up (huh?) not a god damn thing, the money in the way like rolls, and you don’t got a ladder big enough to see the opposite side, so ya bitch ass suck my balls, oh my god, all of this cheddar is on plate, on the grind but I havent been peddalin on the skate board, I benjamin here like ery day, and I’m spendin that muthafucka like queer in a day, pause, no homo fool, I’m a little crazy like coco food, wake in the mornin on a mission to the green and my pockets in air for the ozone dude, man I’m in this thang, girls runnin up tryna get my chain, but if you wanna fuck then you gotta fuck me him and him and the rest of the differenter gang, and if you ain’t about that then get the fuck get the fuck get the fuck out, you would think you watchin animal planet the way that I bug that I bug that I bug that I bug out, yeaahhhh I’m machine gun kells makin all the money you want, the only reason ya’ll little suckas hatin on me because I’m makin all the money you don’t, cleveland boys, we be doubted, one of them boys, don’t get shouted, wanna play dumb bitch don’t get started cause when it’s bout money playboy we on it, keeelllssss