Would You Kindly Lyrics – JT Music & Divide


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Artist: JT Music & Divide
album: JT XVII (2019)


Would You Kindly Lyrics

(Bioshock Rap)

A masquerade has just begun
Despite the party being none too lively
Unlock your cage and take a step outside it
Follow my guidance, would you kindly?

Who would sign their own death certificate
The kind that no one dared to question if legitimate?
The same man who ran a contraband syndicate
Just you wait with bated breath – his resurrection’s imminent
Had to burn the past to invest in futuristics
And turn the orphans of dystopia into a business
Big Brother should’ve kept his eye on Little Sisters
But now any witnesses are swimmin’ with the fishes
I started from the top, took a plunge to the bottom
Waited till my name became long forgotten
Remade myself among the paupers, dropped into their Sodom
This impoverished populace, back to the top I’ve brought ’em
Taught ’em how to topple corruption, find you a lighter
Ignite a revolution, you can fight fire with fire
Why would I try to build an empire for myself
When I can just take one away from someone else?
If you wonder who’s entitled to the sweat of your brow
Stop workin’ so hard, I’ll get you a towel
I rejected Ryan’s message but I took his keys
Will the real Fontaine please stand up? Don’t look at me
Maybe you should’ve asked nicer, try a “would you kindly?”
Grab a map or an Atlas, you’ll never find me
So much ADAM and plasmids writhing inside me
Break the Great Chain weighin’ us down, now I’m free

Pray the voices are not delusions
This city’s twisted nature, echoed in these stains
And your choices, far from illusion
Embrace the searing pain of chaos in your veins
Forget identity, a concept that is dead to me
Much unlike destiny, I sculpted what you’re meant to be

Our latest visitor’s about to hit the deep end
Thanks to a plane crash, ain’t that convenient?
An angel from above but in the depths he’ll find devils
How far will he sink? I’ll bring him down to my level
No one knows Jack, my master plan can’t get out, this
Ain’t a Wonderland you stumbled into, Alice
I’ve been playin’ around in your egg salad
How did you think I got Ryan’s crown without a ballot
I’m here to stay but I ain’t campaignin’
I’ll take the reins, Rapture needs maintaining
The city’s leaking, ADAM and EVE are drainin’
So grab a shortwave radio, I won’t leave you hangin’
That is, unless it’s at the tip of a rivet or from a noose
Better than being the errand boy for that floozy Mother Goose
You ain’t useless to me, you’re my ace in the hole
But you got deuces and threes, yet you ain’t gonna fold?
Got you barking like a cocker spaniel on my command
Speaking of dogs, you recall what you’ve done with those hands?
So when you see those little freaks kill their daddies and grab ’em
What’s a little brat to you, mook? Harvest her ADAM
Cuz next to that cash is nothing if you wanna be rich
Get your hands on a tonic, this is not a fraudulent pitch
Remember ammo ain’t so plentiful, you don’t wanna run outta clips
Until you get to Ryan’s office and kill the son of a bitch

I’m a man of many faces
But I’m calling off the masquerade
Underneath this act, I’m faceless
You’re just a performer and I’ve cast the play
Curtains drawn, face the crowd
Know your lines, say them loud
Play your part make us proud
Hear applause and take a bow

Nice work boyo, I’ll try to make your death quick
They say never mix business with friendship
But you’ve been the best partner that I ever worked with
I treated you more like a father, than even yours did
I’ll run Rapture tits to toes now that I got the clout
Any problem with that scrub? Come on up, we’ll slug it out
Think you got power, you’re nothin’ but twenty Watts
I’m the lights of broadway, I brought a mob and I’m its boss
Who told you that you’re special? Born to do great things?
Tattooed your brain with memories then ripped away your wings?
Who showed you what you was and all the wonders you’d accomplish?
If you don’t call that family, I don’t know what is
My name’s Atlas, I aim to keep you alive
Till Frank Fontaine rises, I’ll sweep you aside
My name’s Atlas, I aim to keep you alive
Till Frank Fontaine rises, I’ll sweep you aside